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Hello everyone,

I am starting back up again developing some mods and stumbled upon a post for gang kidnapping which I believe was from MTG. That mod brought up some memories of a game I first started playing that had that and thought to myself, what other cool mods did they have?

I remembered that they had a mailbomb module that allows you to send a user a mailbomb if the user has the item. The receiver then has "X" amount of time to diffuse the bomb otherwise it blows up and when they attempt to diffuse it, they must pick the correct wire. I searched the forum and only found one mailbomb mod from back in '09 which is extremely outdated and made for V1 and looks like it has a bunch of unnecessary crap in it 😉.

This module just hooks into your current mail system so if you want to send a user a bomb, you just check the box, type your message and hit send.



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