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Gangster Legends Gameplay?

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How does one play Gangster Legends? As someone who has only played Mccodes styled games and thus not familiar with GL's gameplay.

In what ways does it differ from Mccodes? Is there a comprehensive guide on how to play and complete objectives?

Thanks, I'm trying to transition from Mccodes to GL.

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Same, I don't like the idea of resetting anything...

Thanks, I have downloaded all those mods. Anyway there could be links to profiles to attack/mug/hospitalise...?

Also a little unsure how to install stat bars and the three column themes both, when they have same file names

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2 hours ago, urbanmafia said:

Yes you can link them to profiles of you look at mail module and look at the hooks file it will show you how to link other modules to the profile page. Just install from the GL admin panel and select installed theme as current theme and will then default to the stat bar version. 

Thank you, will be trying this. 

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