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The fight system is not advance at all right now, and its something i would believe anyone who wants to be involved in being able to add to the battle system should be able to. What I mean by this is, whoever creates the first acceptable battle system is going to dominate this area if it's used by the majority of paid users. 

At this point it could be to late for any new developer to release anew battle system, update or even contribute to any existing battle system. 

I believe this could solve the issue by creating 2 new hooks.

An attack damage hook, and a defense damage hook. Both hooks can be used by any developer wishing to add any new additions to the battle system. Both hooks should accept both the attacker and defender. 

I also believe it should possibly return more then just the added bonus. Possibly the new attack message or defended message. Instead of the basic one.

If I create anew battle system based on additional stats using the hooks. Then someone else creates and releases an item system, this would involve edited the core of the battle system when a hook could be used. Then what if someone after this decided it be nice to add Elements top the battle system. Everyone could alter the battle system with or without any other additions. This is very basic rough idea.

Battle systems can be very very very large and complicated so if people could contribute with or without other parts of the battle system, I think this would and could become a very great addition to GL and many games.


Basically all I am asking for is to get these hooks added to the attack/fight core features. 

Other great hook ideas, times boost, turned boost which would increase your attack and defenses for a period of time.

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