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Looking For Coder/Game Owner


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I'm looking to purchase a copy of a game script or have 1 created or possibly even trade gaming accounts or what not for the script & services i have the graphic end covered i'm looking for something along the lines of these games here



http://www.yobcity.com/ - have actually made a number of graphics for this


please contact me by email & Skype [email protected]

if you can point me in the right direction or help me with what i am looking for

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Very Much So mafia :/ i've started learning what i can on code academy so i have an understanding of basics but needd i def still need help...

kyle massacre what is grpg? i am new to all this i have only ever been a player but have been playing games of these sort for a decade i would ideally like a game like prisonstruggle but from my understanding it is the best and that would probably be an unrealistic request so a game like i linked above would be perfect

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i have a few other things to bring to the table aswell if you doubted when i said i could cover the graphic end here is a template idea 1 of the many i have for the game idea i have (i have not used game name that i have on the template as i havent been on the scene 3 days and was already used for my graphic capabilities




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