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Trusted Developer Proposal


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Hello MWG,

Lately the Trusted developer topic initially created by Danny has had a of of traffic and basically I think it's going to be hard to do because it should be a community opinion.

My proposal for this is when the new structure of the forum is rolled out, in each topic we can set a poll up where people can message me to add their name to the list of their desired topic(s). I or someone else can add names to the poll and allow the community to vote for who they feel is a trusted developer. Multiple votes will be allowed too so don't worry about you choosing who you feel is the best you can pick everyone if you wish.

I am not taking names right now just so you know ;)

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Sounds like a good base to work from, though I would think it would require some form of screening process if you were to do it as a community-driven vote based 'list'.

I mean people may not be "trusted" yet have a large group of people to vote for them, in doing so position themselves further up the list, I'm aware it's a very slim/straw pulling point, but a point nonetheless.

What would be the requirements be to be added to this list? Would one have to provide samples to you ( or the assignee ) of their work before they're considered for the list?

In which case wouldn't it be in theory just like the original thread in a sense ( being that the assignee can decline/accept as they see fit or potentially persuasion )

On the flip side, something like that really would be required, otherwise it would end up just being a list of members, developers or not, trusted or not.

Either way at the end of the day it's a good proposal and definitely something that would benefit the community as a whole.

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