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Hiring 1 more Developer Gangster-Nation (Mafia Browser Game)


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Hello everyone, as posted in my last tread i was looking for a developer which i have found to help create my mafia browser based game. Now that we have got into the project i would like to add another well committed and experienced developer who knows his way around the mafia browser based game world. There are still a few features that need to be completed, so please message me with your Skype information if you are interested in joining the team and we will go from there on deciding if you are the right person for this job.



Thank you.


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hi asap i know a little about code, and about the in game functions like crimes, weapon power, defence etc. i can show you i am legit on a free hosting site so you know I'm not some loser looking to get free stuff on a game, please get in contact with me via email [email protected] < company email

also it's free help I'm offering, doing this for experience and references and my own knowledge

kindest regards,


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