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C# MC-Codes/oRPG Creator starting next week; Anyone welcome. Learn C# or contribute.


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to lazy to copy paste the entire message again and add the image. But to keep it short.

I am gonna get more involved in C# next week after this semester ends since I am already stressed as it is. I had a project called Crime-Web in Visual Basic 6 many years. Just reaching out if anyone is interested in learning C# or just contributing, or giving feedback on code since I am not to familar with a lot of stuff in C#.

screen shot and more details can be found here: the screen shot is the old version http://www.gamemakersforums.com/threads/net-crime-web.115/

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I agree, such a game would not be a success, too much effort involved in playing it, and who likes downloading more stuff. For a learning project it does seem interesting though.

As far as web based goes you could write it in .NET which supports C#. http://tmn2010.net/ is based on ASPX

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