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Paypal Auto Creditor


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Ok so I created a few buttons on paypal to manage my in game purchases.

My problem is that I've never worked with an auto creditor system before, so what I'm asking is how do I find out from paypal that the player paid the money, so that I can credit them the pack. I have the button return the item number of the pack, which it does using $_GET. So far I've it set up so that it credits the user based on $_GET and I thank god the game is not live because people could just fake it.

Any help is appreciated.

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I really can't get my head round any of this.

I have set up Express Checkout, it was working for the sandbox accounts, but then once I swapped it to the live accounts it says I need to sign up to accept Digital Goods, which I can't find a link to anywhere. On the documentation it tells me to click the Get Started button. When I do nothing happens.

I've tried setting up buttons, but I can't find a way to securely find out if the transaction was completed so the code can credit the user.

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