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World Map Interactivity Problem


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Ok, so basically I have two images of a world map. One is in colour, the other is grey scale. Basically what I'm looking to do is display the grey scale map, then when the user mouses over a continent, I want that continent alone to switch to the coloured version. I have split the two images and thus have individual images of the continents in colour and not in colour.

I'm just stuck on how:

1.) Display the world map. Do I display the full grey scale image? Or do I construct the world map from the grey scale images?

2.) If I display the world map, how do I detect what continent to display, and how do I display it in the correct place?

3.) How do I make sure that either approach will work for different screen widths?

Its more of a CSS issue I believe, changing between the two images isn't too difficult, I know how to do that, its more how I set it up.

Any help is much appreciated.

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