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Multiple IPN redirects.....


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Put the IPN listener script in the notify_url. Also, having all accounts to one paypal account (even if you use multiple email addresses to access that one wallet), if one user complains or whatever and your account gets suspended, you've stopped revenue 5 times, rather than the one.

Spread the risk over 5 different wallets, or be savvy with a TOS, and log transactions to cover yourself should a user try and get a refund and suspend your account.

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I don't see the point in owing 4 - 5 games that's five times the work load for a game owner and as for using one paypal account I'm not sure if this is possible or how to do it

Once your game gets big, you turn it into a business, hire actual paid staff then you expand into other games, sure it's a load more work, but hard work generally pays off.

In answer to OP, instead of having 5 seperate games, why don't you have a central "network" site that handles accounts and payments? Then the user can distribute gold to other games? Major MMO's do it such as Perfect World, ie, you have 1 account that you can use across all games.

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