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Hello everyone! I am not sure weather I am ready to release my game. I have been working on it for nearly a year now. I need few people to help me out and check out my game.

Game Link - http://samuraiassault.com/login.php

Demo Account -

User: Demo

Pass: password

If people can give me advice that will be great. I hope to release soon. If you guys can help me please do. I appericate the community for helping me out a lot when I needed help with my game. I just want to thank you all and it makes me happy. I would like to thank Magictallguy, BioHazard and everyone in the community for helping me out. Thank you all! You guys don't know how much you guys mean to me. Without you guys I probably wouldnt be at this stage with my game.

If the whole community just logs into the dmeo account and checks out my game and help me out! That would just be great!

Also if there is any exploits, glitches, anything bad towards the game. Can you please mail me. So I can patch up the fix.

Thank you everyone.

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