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Mods! - No code iside, do it yourself!


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I'm not posting the code here. You will have to do it yourself! Learn something ;D

Okay guys, some basic mods you can do really easy to make your game more fun for your users!

In gym you should make it possible to gain more stats based on luck!

How do we do this? Simple!

add a simple if statment with a rand();

Why would this be fun for your users? Well maybe they get sick of seenig the same value every time they train?!

Giving them a chance to get more stats out of luck strives players to train more!


The standard jobs in mccodes requires nothing but stats.

Add something along the lines of active time (in game time)

say if they want to be a manager at said job, they would have to be active for 4 hours in game a day!

Energy Refills!

What if sometimes a player got it for free while doing things in the game?

Say idk, while mailing someone? they get a free energy refill!

Simple stuff like this keeps players in the game longer and thus makes a more active game.

Simple mini games!

One of the better mini games is tag "your it".

This wouldn't be hard to set up at all!

With very minimal coding needed

no more than 20 lines and you could have a nice little game going on.

Post some of your idea's below.

If any of them look really fun i'll help code them up! (nothing too advanced as i suck!)

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Upgrade weapons. - add another resource in , scrap metal, something that can be scavenged and/or traded, used to upgrade weapons. Takes money out of the game if people have to buy scrap then pay to upgrade weapon. Can help prevent inflation, gives users something to spend time on. Mix it with player shops and they could set up a shop full of customised weapons. Fun little feature that can have them playing and working on stuff. Can be as advanced or as simple as you like. I might add this to the game I'm building now atm

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