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New Interactive Gym/Donator Gym With Puzzle $10.00


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I made a new gym because I was tired of the old one, and I wanted to make one that's more interactive for users. The goal for the users is to get as high of a number as they can on the puzzle, the higher puzzle score they get the better gain they will. The regular gym has 3 columns and 3 rows the users can change to determine there score while the donators gym has 4 rows and 4 columns users can change. The most points a user can get with the normal gym is 12 while donators can get 16, When a user gets a 14 or higher they will get an additional bonus to stat gains. If they don't like how their score came out they can reset the puzzle 3 times a day. The puzzle is reset at midnight.

Just and FYI I put the stat gains pretty low for my gyms because I don't like players gaining a ton of stats super quick. So if you need help adjusting the gain formula I will be more then happy to help you out.

--Files Included--




cron day edit


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Screenshots can be found here: http://imgur.com/5lNbNtx,S0ljcoA,UR9wx0F

If you are interested in purchasing this mod please PM me. Thanks for your time!

P.S I am probably only gonna sell this to a handful of people as I don't want to see it on a lot of games. First come first serve. :)

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Cut price in half due to lack of sales
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There is four numbers to a row/column, All numbers are randomly generated to each spot (There is 12 for normal gym/ 16 for donator gym.) You can either get a +1, 0 or a -1 and you want to go for as high of a score as you can to get a better gain. When you click to change a row/column it changes the puzzle pieces. If its a +1 it turns to a -1, 0 turns to +1 and -1 goes to 0. You have to click and mess around with all rows/columns to get the highest score possible.

Each point adds an extra 1% to stat gains.

14 points give you an extra 10% gain, 15 points give you an extra 20% gain, 16 points give you an extra 30% gain although its rare to get that high of a score.

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