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hey guys


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Hey guys...

Iv been thinking up an idea for a different kind of game a business tycoon game i have all my ideas written down (for obvious reasons i wont post them)

but im struggling with one thing iv been looking at different frameworks and im stuck atm between bootstrap for the general layout of it and for all the nice little addons it has like alerts,buttons, grids and so on but im stuck at that or creating something similar to a bootstrap design but without all the bootstrap files and stuff (if that makes sense).

so i guess my question to you guys is do i go for a simple and easy bootstrap template or do i design one similar to it and have its own mark on it.

i ask this because i can't think of the best way to begin this project iv designed the login page using bootstrap for it mobile side of things but in time i will design a mobile app anyway so i can move away from it.


cheers :)

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Foundation by zurb isn't so bad either.

That said, you know what you will need or not need from the packages, so take a look at the list below which is a list of 8 alternatives to bootstrap - one may fit your needs better than the rest.


Make the library work around your plans, not your plans around the library!

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