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Missions System [Potential Idea]


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Hi guys,

So I've been thinking about doing a missions system for both the GRPG and McCodes V2. The whole thing would be quite extensive so it would be up for sale and probably for a price ranging between £20-£40 depending on how much I actually add into it.

I am just posting here just to find out if people would actually be interested in buying it before I create it.

The systems features would include:

Admin Side:

  • Create missions: You will be able to set a mission name, level required to do the mission, up to four items required to do the mission, up to four effects on completing the mission (I.E: Gain money and exp), one effect of failing the mission, if the mission is single-player or multi-player, if it's multi-player you'll be able to choose how many users it needs to complete it (Between 2-4) and then stuff like success text, fail text etc.
  • Edit Mission: Just the ability to edit a mission that is already created.
  • Delete Mission: The ability to delete a mission that has already been created.


Player Side:

  • Start a mission: This is if a mission is multi-player, it allows someone to start a mission for others to join them on completeing, once all the required members have joined the mission it will then run and the outcome will be sent in an event to all the players who participated.
  • Do a mission: This is if a mission is single-player, it allows someone to do the mission and get their outcome of how the mission went.
  • Mission Outcomes: After the mission is completed the mission outcome will happen and effects will take place on the user(s) involved.
  • Mission Statistics: This will be a place where players can view statistics on how well other players did on certain missions and how many times they've failed, completed and attempted missions.


As I think of more ideas I will post them here and if you have any ideas you'd like to input then feel free to post them!!

Thank you.

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