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Mission Mod


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Hello im looking for a gRGP programmer that can make this mod for me below

(1) staff Panel - for fast and custom missions. The S.panel must have these slots.

a) Mission Name

b) Level requirement

c) Location

d) Exp. payout

e) Cash payout

f) points payout

g) Mastery Reward payout(special items example guns cars etc.)

H) Payout Ratio (your chances of winning. Example 25% chance of winning 50% of winning etc..)

I) mastery reward image slot(pic of the spec item you win)

j) item requirements (4 slots so 4 different items can be required to do mission)

(2) Players side

a) Mastery Lvl displayed with progress bar and mastery achievement image (example MASTERY: gold 73% complete)

b) Requirement info*

c) Mastery Reward Image

d) Start mission button

(3) Data Table

(4) please make sure all is secure

If you can do this ,please contact me so we can talk about cost. Please if you take this job please have a working demo , for a costly mod I dont want crap work.

Thank You

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Thank you, everyone for the views and replies this job is taken. i have a few more mods that need to be created soon. like for example a gang system (my ideal gang system) , which i'm almost done planning it out and i know it will be a costly mod, and a new item/inventory system. also if any gRPG programmer has any mod' for sale please inbox your list again thank you

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wanted to add more
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