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MC-Codes => oRPG Creator Convertor


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oRPG Creator is capable of just about everything MC-Codes is and more. People are just not allowed to access the script. I was wondering if anyone here who currently run's a game or creating a game would be interested in a MC-Codes to oRPG Creator convertor. If you havn't heard of oRPG Creator: http://makewebgames.io/showthread.php/45034-oRPG-Creator-Version-1-0-Released-Today

I could make the convertor one of two ways:

1) I make a mc-codes mod that will extract your data into a special format where you would then upload it to your oRPG Creator game and all your mc-code data would be transferred.

2) I could just allow people to upload there DB dump and automaticly pick out the data that is needed and convert it.


Upon converting your game, an option to mail all your current members would be available to announce the update.

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Very nice work Sim I like what you've done with it!

However i'm kind of surprised you didn't add a portion where Owners can edit the GUI

But all in all it's looking good!

I also like that you've made it compatible with McCode Modifications or most of them at least, however I've not had the time to test it out but hopefully once my project is complete oRPG and MILK will both be fully operational ;)

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I have come up with an "idea" of how users can fully customize the GUI of game's, but its in theory. Whether or not it'll work or not is another story. Due to security risk's, I don't allow to much customization of the appearance as of yet. I do however have additional game templates which I do need to release at some point. Some are fairly nice looking to. Other are pretty dark (which most mafia games are). I set the templating file architech up pretty nice so I only need 1 main template file, then the rest are all just tables for inner-pages. ;-)

For being a one man team and I rather code and release features, I do not have time to go looking for hundreds of free templates around the net and modify them to work with oRPG Creator.

Thanks for the nice feedback though. It can create more then mafia games too!! Dating Simulations, RPG's. Not quite sure about hacking, racing yet. That will be dependent upon how well I do the item system and modifying of the battle system again. I want more then 1v1 TurnBased Battles like 1v2 1v5 and stuff for bosses.

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