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New layout/login/register


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Hey all! I have just re-done the login/register page on my game, I have also had a mess about with the ingame layout. And before anyone asks... NO I did not make the script a friend made it for me and I have permission to use it, I have just added stuff into it.

Would be helpful to get your feedback on these pages and also what would you do to improve them? Thank you.








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The styling looks pretty good. The only comment I would make on this is that the font and look of the login button versus the register button are completely different even though they're both just regular buttons. Not exactly sure if that's what you were going for, but wanted to point that out. Although very small, inconsistencies could pose a problem with the overall branding of the game, so keep that in mind when looking through your script to ensure said consistencies exist.


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I noticed the same thing with the login and register buttons. It almost seems like the register button could use some padding :/ but other than that it looks good. Another thing though, in the picture with the massive table, the red for "The Staff" is sore on the eyes. Just my opinion

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