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Modifications/Bug Fixes/New Features by php/mySQL/js/jQuery


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Hey everyone, my name is Bill. I am 30 years old. I have been freelancing for over 8years now. I began programming over 15years ago when AOL3.0 was around with visual basic and now I code in vb.net, php, mySQL, js, jQuery, and some Ajax.

I am known by a lot of people on here from my oRPG Creator, the reason I am in need some funding for a new project.


I can create custom scripts as well as implementing such things as








•Tops sites

•Games (casino, TCG, CCG)

just to name a few scripts

I also have experience with the follow forum systems.

SMF, vBulletin


For games, I have done simple things to complex things such as

•Referral Systems

•Raffle Systems

•Lottery Systems

•Attack Systems

•Paper Doll Systems

•Guild/Clan Systems

•Quest Systems

•and more

I have experience with the following game scripts:

mc-codes, GL, gRPG

If you would like to hire me you can contact me

skype: founderSim

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