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Paying referrals for active players in a mafia game


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So here's a few questions:

When should the referral be "approved"

How would you consider the "Player Active"

Here's what I am thinking, a player must perform so many actions a day x times a week. How many weeks or should it be 1 week for the player to be considered active as refferall. I would say "one" since its like a sign up referall, but if the player stays active for like a month+, then the person/site getting the referral should receive some sort of bonus for sending that player.

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I think that once the referral reaches a benchmark in the game (certain level/rank,certain amount of activity time,etc.) then he can be approved. Make sure the referral is not a dupe though. And maybe the referer could get further rewarded if the referal donates to the game or something along the lines of that.

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