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Hello MWG, this is my first time selling my work here, i just made this yesterday and hope you like it. I am looking for paypal, you can post your offers or message me them. Also constructive criticism would be nice if u think it would help me...dont just be a jerk.

This is only the PSD for sale, i may have someone be able to slice but that is down the road if we talk business.



Like i said this is my first time trying to sell something here and not quite sure if im doing it right lol but just let me know thanks


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Just want to update this, i am working on getting the characters changed up a bit...so for now its not for sale yet....but i guess u can see where im going with it and i will then update with a new image when its complete to let you all know.

thank you sniko for bringing this to my attention as i said im new and still learning how to do this properly so please just be patient with me :)

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Ok i have changed up them a little bit so that now they are considered new images, hopefully some of you still will like the design and if u are interested in buying it just post offers below or message me, thanks :)


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