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new mafia based rpg.

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As for the game, I have listed a couple of things to work on:

- Work on some of your GUI. The links with a red background, especially in the explore/town page, should be changed. It's way too busy and confuses me.

- Work on some of your template position and CSS. IE, your menu links don't have same height for your hover and regular link. So when you hover over it, it does this weird effect. Not a fan of it.

- Add in some uniqueness. I don't see much difference in this game when compared to a lot of other games out there.

These are just a few things I noticed right away. Needs some work, but good luck on it.

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One thing I noticed straight away was how the menu headings were all capital letters except the first one "menu". Other than that and if you remove the input outlines (outline: 0;), it looks good at a quick glance.

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