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Battle Tent - Daily Challange


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Looking for away to allow players to challenge npcs in the battle tent on a daily basis as of now you can challenge them but after you defeat them you cannot re-challenge.

- - - Updated - - -

I guess clearing the db every 24 hours would do the trick but i didnt know if anyone else has ever done this and have a different way to do it.

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I can help you out. Do you have Skype?

It's minor adjustment to the system.

Problem is if you clear the data base for battle tent challenges. You want it kept recorded so people know they defeated them.

However there is various of ways of overcoming this problem. Here is my way

There's an option in the staff panel if users can challenge the NPC again. This will just add one field to the table.

Make something that shows the NPCs you attack. How many times, and if your allowed to hit it again.

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