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Jason-X yet again trying to set me up. He gave me full rights to the layout a long while back because it has 1 of his images involved therefore I had to gain rights which I did.

Thank you.

And Revo, lets put yourself on the line about NOTL. Your layout was ripped from chaoticwars.


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Nope, Peter did not design the layout he will surely confirm he only coded it. You started the design got 10% through it and I finished it off & got it coded. Then as 1 image was yours you was pissed at me for a while then decided to send the 10% finished PSD that included that image making me have rights.

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Locked, not the appropriate place for this kind of bickering.

Any legitimate offers, take to PM.

Any valid 'proven' claims to ownership, please contact myself or another member of the staff team, and we shall attempt to get to the bottom of it.

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