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Gang System


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Okay, so i'm at the point in my project development where i'm thinking about the mechanics and what to include so I am posting it in the projects section. I'm working on a number of apps for my game simultaneously and gangs are on that list.

I'm not final on anything on my game for the 'release' but i'm slowly working towards a deadline to post a Alpha.

What do you think should be on a gang system? I'm working on it and just wondering what kinda stuff aught to be added. For my Alpha release i'm planning on leaving out organised crimes and gang wars, however I think some feedback would be great (any may inspire others).

I've attached a screenshot of my gang homepage section and whilst it does not show much, i'm working towards a good system.

So far I have:


  • gang tag
  • owner/co-owner
  • armoury
  • vault for money and points
  • gang level which increases the limit for members, armoury and vault
  • noticeboard
  • gang logs
  • image shown to both gang members and non gang members
  • gang background image with customisable repeat (repeat x, y or none)



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