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the new likes/thanks feature


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i carn't help but think are the like and thanks systems new ? im kinda liking them alot but in some way i feel like they are not complete so post your thoughts in here of what u like/dislike and what should be improved...


also i didnt know everyones names or id tag you all so sorry for the ones i missed

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im not saying that it is bad i am simply saying i dont feel like its finished just like anything u name in the world, there is always room for improvement in it and i was simply attempting to assist that by getting other opinions?...

as for the tags sorry i didnt know nor was informed its only for "Emergancy" use only or in anyway important?..

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I want to close this topic because I think it's going to turn into a flame war. So can we please not argue about who's right, who's wrong, who's being a bad boy, and keep it on topic?

In Pete's defense he never said it was for an emergency, and I believe what he was trying to say is tag someone when you really need them to look at it or to notify them of a post that you think is important that they should read, or to give them some sort of props. Those are not the only reasons to use the user tag but just a couple of examples to help get the idea

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