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Stylish, innovative and just brilliant, this game has won many many awards since its release and I see why. I saw an advert from Apple about it on YouTube it was a featured application and I thought it looked awesome so I got it. It costs £2.99 (which some believe is a lot).

Official Site


Some Reviews:


Blek is a thing of elegant, intuitive beauty: an iPad game which, like its host device, implores you to pick it up and play with it. When you do, it delights. It’s a puzzle game whose solutions require both careful forethought and raw experimentation. Swipe your finger across the iPad’s display and you create a snake-like line which then lives on, as Blek records and then redraws your fingerstroke, repeating that pattern to send it winding around the field of play. You’re left to observe your creation, helpless, as it loops about the screen or, with enough careful rehearsal, hit its intended targets.


Blek is a beautfiul minimalist puzzle game that has players drawing lines to follow a path that will hit all the dots in a level, requiring planning and spatial awareness to master.


It is a simple, beautiful iPad puzzle game which casts you in the role of the creator, sliding your finger across the screen to create a black line which then snakes off into and around the circles on the field of play. The idea is to touch the coloured dots while avoiding the black ones, and it’s the creation of two Vienna-based brothers, Denis and Davor Mikan. It is their first game together, and is a paid app – £1.99/€2.69/$2.99 at the time of publication – which has been downloaded over 30,000 times since it was released in December last year. Though it launched to little fanfare, it has since been featured by Apple and widely praised by any critic who encountered it, ourselves included.


I guess what this game proves it that, you don't have to have an action packed, FPS game to be successful. Just something which has been thought through and made properly, I personally haven't seen something like this so it's very unique.

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