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looking for 3 investors in my mafia game

Murder Mayhem

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Murder Mayhem

Game abstract:

"Murder Mayhem" is a online Mafia RPG, running of course inside the browser and will

allow player to become the most richest player in the city that you are in

(Some of the) Unique features:

will have new modifications each and every month and the players can help

Technology used:

Code will be PHP, MYSQL, JQuery, and JavaScript.

Current development status:

we are live and in beta status and can be seen at murder-mayhem.com

My own skills and tasks in the game:

I'm not a coder, however I'm willing to help with all what I can, beta test,

make the quality insurance, as well as the game design, content creation and system administration

also the running of the game

What I/we are looking for:

iam looking for a coder and 3 more partners in this venture. all partners need to put up is $75

and we will split the donations by 5 i have one lined up from MWG who wished to be not named at

this time and you all know him and is legit.

Expenses will be covered by:

I will pay all the hosting, domain name as well as the template design. as we need coding done

it will cost us about $50 dollars a month and $30 dollars a month for server fees.

Current team:

me and one other person from MWG is lined for this web site and we need 3 more partners in this

Share / gain of the partners:

We will split the gain after hosting payed with the following shares: after that is paid we will

split the profit 5 ways and i will pay for the coding out of my %



Thank you for your time and reading this. If you have any questions feel free to post below

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Not to be a kill-joy, or "that guy", but saying the following renders the argument useless, as we have no actual information to go off.


i have one lined up from MWG who wished to be not named at this time and you all know him and is legit.

Anyway, good luck with the project!

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Let me get this straight, we pay $70 (each) so you can pay $30 for a server? Then we code the game, design it, and give support & get paid 20% of the profit earned, and you also get 20%.... The scams are real.

Sounds lucrative that.

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