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I recently created a login design, since me and Zebba are now joint on our projects, we are going to create some designs that will also be coded.

Once we have created a few, we are going to release our main website where Zebba will also sell some modifications that he is close to finishing.

These modifications will be for V2 but will be converted for you if needed, these modifications also aren't just ones that are already out there, he will be creating mods never done or seen before.

Here is 10 minutes work on a login design, if you want a full game layout with this design I will create it and Zebba will code it.

All our work will come with a PSD and you WILL have full rights to do whatever you wish with it.

Here it is: [ATTACH=CONFIG]1375[/ATTACH]


Here is the updated version: [ATTACH=CONFIG]1376[/ATTACH]

Ingame: [Coming very Shortly]



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No this is a different one


This does show that it was only 10 min worth of work. If you spend a bit more time on it you may have something there

Thanks for telling Script:)

And yes indeed, I was just also trying to show what I can do, 10 minutes of work and that creation in my opinion is pretty good, if someone likes what they see and wants me to spend more time on it so they can buy it, then Im happy to do so :-)!

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