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NWE official Wiki requests


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So I know Mr. a_bertrand is a busy feller and can sometimes forget about the wiki so I would like to ask the community what you would like to see in the wiki that would help you in your endeavors with working with NWE.

What I do know for a fact that needs an update is the files category to show what you can hook you new sweet and awesome modules to. So please post what you would like to see added or updated and I urge anyone with access to the wiki to try and knock out some things on this list.

I would like to remind people that the wiki isn't like wikipedia where anyone can edit a category and I don't know who can/can not.

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Well anyone who want to edit the wiki can request it and I shall give it. It's not fully open due to the amount of spam any wiki website gather otherwise, and I don't want to spend my time cleaning it.

I would say, what's needed is some description of how the stats works, the items, the quests, the dialogs and such. So that the owners can use their tools more quickly.

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