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Moving Forward With NWE


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I'm moving forward now with NWE. I've evaluated several options, along with developing a monetization plan for my game. The first order of business is putting together the premium system. The plan is to allow players to purchase in-game premium currency with RL money then use that to buy stuff in a premium shop.

This means I get to to develop and/or extend the existing premium module in NWE. So, basically, I'm just looking for thoughts as I go forward with this.

Here soon I'll also look at -if possible- developing an html 5/canvas module.

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First of all, good choice picking NWE, I started learning framework 2-3 days ago and created a module already (thanks to KyleMass & Berty mainly). The code is pretty much straight forward and where you start struggling is where the Wiki helps a lot.

Secondly, that idea sound quite good, but a question. What sort of items will be found in the Premium Shop?

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