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From the feedback of our users we've discovered that the tutorial can causes some problems:

On some screen sizes it can block the button that is supposed to be pressed.

If someone ignores the tutorial message and clicks another link the tutorial balloon may disappear and keep the person in a loop not being able to access anything.

Is there a way to have in the header a constant message saying "You are in Tutorial Mode click here to quit" in case they become stumped?

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It really depends on a screen size. i notice that on a wide screen this is not as prevalent as on a laptop.

In the first instance the balloon may cover the button when it switches pages but if the user reloads the page it moves to the correct position. The problem seems to be the instance between the page loading and where the balloon should appear.

I think the general indicator at the top with the option to always quit will solve this as not every screen size can be catered for nor every kind of template.

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The thing is, the tutorial should be smart enough to not cover the button you want to show ;) So for me this is a bug to fix, and I will have a look to it, before adding any additional indications. BTW adding an indication that you are still in the tutorial should not be overall difficult as additional module:

1) Create a new module

2) Create a auto_pre_content.php file

3) in the auto pre content hook use the user variable GetUserVariable(tutorialsFinished) and if it is not "done" output some "you are in the tutorial" info. To close the tutorial, set this variable to done.

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