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Free version 1.1.7 released


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Just released the version 1.1.7 of the free version (dev version has been dropped). This version contains basically the same core files as the full version 1.1.7 (as the version number shows) with a couple of difference as always:

- Module cache is not implemented

- Security token is absent

- HTTP cache is absent

Beside that, the 2 versions of the engine (full and free) share the same core, and same feature set. You can update the modules directly from the admin interface and you can now submit your modules however you must use the web interface in the NWE website.

The free version is free to use for any work, being free, or commercial. Enjoy!

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Hello :)

I am a newbie when it comes to web development. I've started learning JS, HTML/CSS, PHP, and MySQL over at Codecademy. I am very interested in trying out the free version of NWE for development of my game. If I feel NWE will serve my purposes satisfactorily, I would happily consider purchasing the the full version.

I have looked through the NWE requirements, but I'm a little at a loss as to whether I already have what is necessary to run NWE, or if I will have to download and install outside software.

So far, I have downloaded Wampserver 2.2 within the last few months on my old Windows Vista laptop. It includes PHP 5.4.3, Apache 2.2.22, and MySQL 5.5.24. Would these meet all the requirements to run NWE? If not, what other software must I install to get it running. Additionally, would I have to purchase the additional software, or are there safe free versions?

I apologize if I sound like a timid newbie. While I enjoy hands-on experience as much as anyone, I prefer to tap the knowledge and expertise of others first instead of diving blindly into the unknown; measure three times and only have to cut once is my preferred method.

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WAMP (the latest version) should have the minimum requirements for NWE. The installer has a little dialog screen that shows mandatory requirements along with some optional requirements and it will let you know whether you pass or fail its just when you go live is where I would be concerned :p. one of my hosts had everything on the list but for some reason they had fopen () disabled which is not on the list but it is a requirement

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