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Item Modifiers


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Hi there everyone,

Very new to this so apologies in advance if I ask dumb questions.

One thing I like in games is the ability to have items with prefixes and suffixes and levels. So for example:


Axe +1

Shining Axe

Shining Axe of Death

Shining Axe of Death +10

In this example the Axe has a base damage. The Shining prefix might give you another benefit - for example you get 2 attacks per round, or fast recovery or something. The Death suffix night give you a percentage chance to kill the enemy in one strike. And the + modifier increases the base damage of the item

This gives lots of flexibility in crafting and upgrading of weapons and other items. Also you can give bonuses for complete sets - so a full set of shining armor might give additional bonuses to the wearer. Looking at the engine it seems to use a single table for objects.

So I guess my question is has anyone played about with doing something like this, and also how do you think it best to structure it? I was thinking you might have separate prefix and suffix tables. If you had a maximum + modifier, for example the highest was Axe +10 you could store 10 items in the objects table and then apply the prefix and suffix separately. Or you also store the + modifier in a separate table too.

Anyway I hope this all makes sense - any tips or experience of this type of item leveling would be really appreciated.

Many thanks,


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Okay thanks for the tip. Out of interest why are some of the tables not visible in the "Admin Quick Links - Tables" section. For example OBJECTS; OBJECT_TYPES; and OBJECT_TYPES_ATTRIBUTES are all there; but OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES and INVENTORY are not?

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1.) some tables are not supported by the table editor

a.) the first column I believe must be set to auto increment.

2.)the table wasn't defined in the .xml because its not important enough for ease of accessibility

a.) the author doesn't think its important to use the table editor for a particular table/tables

3.) or you just don't need to really view/alter the tables

a.) maybe there is sensitive information just in case of an admin injection like the users table

b.) do you really wanna see all the users inventory table? it really provides no information needed to run a game.

these are just my opinions, when I create a module and I'm too lazy to create a staff page and I think its beneficial to add/remove/alter something in the db ill add it to the table editor.

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