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Am I being scammed?


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Hello, I come across this site by chance and I hope it can help me.

You won't if heard of the game but it is http://www.endoftimez.com it is not finished yet but the apparent owner as offered to sell it to me for $60 with the license. I have checked the license and it is valid but the only contact I have with him is msn I know nothing else about him.

When ever I ask him to send me a mail from the Id 1 account he says he's too busy atm to do it as he's modifying the site. I have asked about 3 times to do it.

The admin on the game is bennyh but his msn says he's called jake so I'm a bit uncertain.

Can anyone help me what to look out for to see if I'm being scammed?



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I can't say if the MSN is/isn't actually Ben because I have no idea. My guess would be no if he can't find the time to send a single message in game.

You could always PM/E-mail Ben via this site, and inform him someone could be using his site for a potential scam.


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I'm one of the co-owners of End of Timez. You can check my previous posts and confirm this with my partner Bennyh.

I'm a little confused. Nobody from our site has offered to sell anything to anyone. This game is still in development and we have absolutely no plans to sell it.

So I would say you are being scammed because it's definately not anyone from End of Timez who's trying to sell it to you.

Hope that clears that up!

whats this guys email btw?

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As above I'm afraid

The game is in development with a view to release very soon and I'm sure spikereloaded would say the same that the game is not and will not be for sale at any time

At least you've asked here and haven't been scammed.

I'm also interested in his email that he's used



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Ah ok I see good job me asked here then!!!

His email is [email protected] and his screen name was 'hazza was ere'

He said that he is on mccode forum as lightning but I can't find an mccode forum that he was chatting about

Anyway thanks guys btw great game so far!! You can count me in as playing it when you finish it. Any dates when it will be finished?

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Thanks turkey

This guys been a pain in the ass recently. He's basically a little kid who can't code so tries to steal other people's stuff

Have a look at this topic I posted a week or so ago


Lucky he's completely stupid so hopefully he won't be able to scam anyone!

We're looking at a release date of sometime in June! Vague I know haha! Keep visiting though mate! Support is greatly appreciated!!

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To be honest we still don’t know this is Lightning.

It’s hard to imagine that someone trying to scam you, someone who knows that the site’s owners are on here, someone who has actually posted a “review” of that site from his account, would give you the real account. Maybe I’m giving human thought more credit then I should.

In any case I'm glad you checked up on the deal. :)

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