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BetaVille™ - Your World. Your Way.


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Hello everyone,

As you may or may not know me, let me introduce myself. I am Adam, a web game developer excelling in PHP, Flash, HTML5/Java, and Ruby-based game programming.

Since November 2012, I have been developing a web-based virtual world game called.

When I first conceived of BetaVille, I had one vision guiding the project: a game that would leave the player more creative & happy than before they played.

If you want a description of the game:

BetaVille is the next-generation social game that combines best-in-class quality, social networking, and pure fun and imagination in a world where members create and engage in their own unique way.

Members shape the world with lots of user-generated content content to make up their world. Whether nurturing pets, creating digital works of art, making movies, or talking with friends in popular hangouts, there are activities to suit anyone!

Opportunities are endless as citizens play in an ever-changing virtual world: BetaVille.

The game is scheduled to come out in 2014 and will be powered by the Creation Engine; a compiliation of 3 game engines combined together, all modified heavily by me and one also coded 100% by me.

This thread is where you can submit ideas for the game, offer comments/advice, and read the latest news about the game.

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BetaVille is planned to be released in 2 languages at first: English and Portuguese.

Post-beta for these 2 projects, we will work on translating Spanish as well as other language markets.

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Long overdue bumping of the thread.

Just to assure everyone, the game is still in development, currently reaching the end of the pre-production stage, moving into more heavy development now.

As about the information regarding the NEAB engine, this has been ditched due to a PHP problem with the servers we run, which results in a blank page. We contacted the hosting company, however, they said this was simply an unfixable issue on their end, so we have just moved to create our custom game engine known as Creation Engine. This engine is not any single engine, but rather 3 engines I combined together.

BetaVille will be moving along faster now thanks to our many generous offers from our friends in the UK and San Fransisco, including free server hosting soon, and media coverage possibly in the future.

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