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  1. Well, I basically want to make a mimic of The Sims Social in some sense. Hopefully someone can help code these into the engine.
  2. Long overdue bumping up. Can anyone code these at this point?
  3. @a_bertrand: nothing; this bug has been here since I installed engine. It was a minor inconvenience for language editor, but the tutorial system not working at all is what made me post about it.
  4. Hi, Although this is a minor bug, whenever I enter the language editor for NWE, it produces the message: A similar bug exists with the tutorial system, but that was non-resolvable - it resulted in this version of the game being wiped. (No worries - this was on a testing server, not the live game, which has been copied to replace the testing copy. I am wondering if there is a way to disable the Secure() function without ruining the engine. Thanks!
  5. The site has been updated to incorporate some new technologies, including a slick NWE engine off of a Bootstrap template as well as the virtual world engine - all packaged together as "The Prism Engine". Thanks guys for the help in getting my game developed!
  6. Thanks for the above answers, I will contact Alain and ask him about the refunds policy for NWE.
  7. Well, it seems all official modules require a license to run without failing. So if a license is sold back/deactivated?
  8. Hi, I plan to buy the NWE full engine license tonight, but I am wondering what the refund policy on a license is if I am dissatisfied with it? Is it non-refundable, or must be refunded within a set period of time (30 days, 24 hours, etc.), is it a full refund or partial, etc.? Thanks!
  9. @lucky3809: Thanks for your feedback. The "mixed" clothing outfits were done like that due to a technical bug where the default woman head shows a missing PHP image error, even if there. So while we fix this, there is one main outfit/head catagory.
  10. !Angel, Thank you for your feedback. The login page wasn't initially built as we planned. We had to use some alternatives due to a few formatting errors. We used iframes on the homepage due to the fact we wanted to make an embeddable login, and since tampering with the welcome.php code didn't go so well in our before attempt (in which, the game looked better than it does now.), we had to revert it to a different style. The engine for spaces isn't fully finished - what you are seeing is a basic demo of the private rooms engine. We have plans for a more complex HTML5 public spaces engine that is integrated with that engine. The yellow you see, indicates new player. It turns green upon next time you login as that avatar. We're still working it all out, please note. There is of course, a reason it says "beta". -Adam
  11. Hi, I have a Node.JS/Python based script for a virtual spaces engine I would like to port to NWE. I am wondering if there is any experienced NWE module coder, who is willing to sign a NDA(since the virtual spaces engine is copyrighted by it's licensors.) and can help me integrate it into the NWE engine. Thanks!
  12. The game is now officially in open beta. Feel free to visit friendspm.com and hit the register link. :)
  13. Hi all, A few months back, I announced on this forum the virtual world game FriendsPM, which has been in development since 2012. Two days ago, we have launched officially into our alpha stage, and now are inviting testers for our game. If you want to join, simply visit our website and fill out the form! There has been a few technical issues recently, so email [email protected] Thanks for supporting our game & to many excellent years! -Adam
  14. Long overdue bumping of the thread. Just to assure everyone, the game is still in development, currently reaching the end of the pre-production stage, moving into more heavy development now. As about the information regarding the NEAB engine, this has been ditched due to a PHP problem with the servers we run, which results in a blank page. We contacted the hosting company, however, they said this was simply an unfixable issue on their end, so we have just moved to create our custom game engine known as Creation Engine. This engine is not any single engine, but rather 3 engines I combined together. BetaVille will be moving along faster now thanks to our many generous offers from our friends in the UK and San Fransisco, including free server hosting soon, and media coverage possibly in the future.
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