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InfamousMMORPG Custom Work


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Is it called infamous for a reason, crimec?

Well known for some bad quality or deed.


Girl in the picture is from "Most beautiful teenager" (Google Search) LOL

Let's reiterate, shall we?

(Proof that you're tpcodes MASTER OF ALL CODES, YEAHH)

A note from a professional stance; why limit the amount you're going to take in? 50-200 dollars - Hoping some guys won't give a f.u.c.k (sorry parents) about 50-200$, huh?

- I'll be back with DOX later ;) ....maybe

How is it in Ireland? (Found with your PayPal address you gave to me, which I published in a thread; linked above)

Prehaps this is your other YouTube account?

crimecity = your paypal account (minus "help"). Perhaps you're affiliated with the iGeneration app; Crime City (or siphoning authority online from using their game)

Known e-mails

[email protected]

[email protected]

MakeWebGames Accounts



(Possibly any other account that advertises .webs address)

I find this funny (considering you're offering awesome cheap custom games)


I ok with php but i need someone who can help me mail please

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