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Simple reverse psychology can be a great money maker.


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Few business owners on the Internet, specifically gaming websites never realize a interesting logic behind the Freemium business model.

It is proven that 94.3% of players on a Freemium game will end up buying lots of limited time only virtual items/content just by the fact it will never be available again. See, it intrigues them and they hope to make big money by reselling the item in-game to another player or else show it off to other players, giving them a good feeling and money in your pocket

Just thought I would share this interesting business strategy to new game developers/owners.

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I have seen this done and have actually done it before on one game I had. Players really dig donator weapons but if you have them readily available it kind of takes the spark out of things and it just becomes pretty much an everyday thing because they just think "eh, I can just buy that later".

So my opinion would be to just randomly through out some donator weapons once, maybe twice a quarter but thats pushing it. And maybe once or twice a year do a donator pack give away cause that will get other players a tad bit jealous and make the urge even higher to buy them the next time it comes available

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