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A good attack script for v2?


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Bumping this. I ended up coding a simple one-click attack-system after posting this in april, but my players want something more advanced. I could code it myself, but being lazy it would be easier to buy (tried and tested) code from someone. Shoot me a PM!

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Why don't you try for something unusual, yet easy to code; for example:

When two players begin combat, show a simple hexagonal grid overlaying whatever image you need; develop a little AI to control the defender, allow the player to ""move"" their own character; combat then has the ability of being played out strategically, where range becomes an important facet. You can in fact extend this to encompass a lot of elements; movement rates, multiple attackers (think retainers etc), endurance.

As a bit of logic, it is remarkably easy, the defender's AI need not be complex, just fair and with a little careful graphic work with your preferred designer it can easily become a highly unique feature of your game.

And yes, this has been done; by myself and others; for my own part, not in PHP although it's not overly hard to reproduce in most web-based scripting languages especially with the use of jQuery/Prototype etc.

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