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selling 40% of my game


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looking for an investment of $500 member will recieve a 40% stake of the game,

what the money will be spent on:

layout redone more professional and colours sorted

all existing bugs fixed

advertising on google to increase traffic

what the investor will recieve:

40% of game profits each month

an equal say on new features or game disputes

admin position and acess to cpanel

im looking for a serious investor, maybe you want a game but dont have time to run it? monthly income can be proved screen shots are on another thread.

serious investors mail me

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could i ask a couple of questions

1. why $500 (whats brings you to that figure), 40% (that values your game at $1250 is it actually worth this amount like is it just a basic game engine).

2. how much have you invested (to current date).

3. what game engine is it running and how many active members have you got, and has the game got a valid licence to the engine your using.

4. post your game link so people know what they are investing in (or at least screenshots).

5. after you have the investment will all decisions go through the investor as well and also will you try sell the game after you have the money.

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