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Looking for a CCG add on for a MMORPG


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I am not exactly sure which forum section this would go in. So if I am in the wrong spot, admins please move to the proper place and my apologies :)

Now to the nitty gritty.

I am looking for a collectible card game add on for an MMORPG that I have. Preferably in PHP/java if possible. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction.


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well about MMORPG you can take a look at following games


here the Code https://github.com/mozilla/BrowserQuest it is based on NodeJS(Serverside JavaScript)

another one is based on PHP


if you need fancy graphics to replace the original once take a look here


Best regards


OOPS thought youre looking for an MMOPRG but youre just looking for an addon.. sorry then for polating the thread

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