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Playing a soundtrack in your game


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So since I run an online hacking game focused on "Uplink" nostalgia, I needed music, now this is obviously something you want to give a user control over and should not be something you added to be "generous" as most users might find what you consider to be "music" annoying. However this, with help of html5 will get you on the right path to getting a soundtrack going.

This code will play 5 tracks assuming they are named track1 - track5 ogg or mp3 (it is recommended you have both for browser compatibility) and is playing them from a folder named "sounds" and when finished with track5 (last track), it will loop back to track1.


var snd; //declare this so you can create options in other parts of your game later to pause songs, change volume, etc.
 function music(track) {
   if (window.HTMLAudioElement) {
     snd = new Audio('');
     if(snd.canPlayType('audio/ogg')) {
       snd = new Audio('sounds/' + track + '.ogg');
     else if(snd.canPlayType('audio/mp3')) {
       snd = new Audio('sounds/' + track + '.mp3');
     snd.volume=.60; // 60 percent is a good way to be less obtrusive
     if(track == 'track1'){
      snd.addEventListener('ended', function() { music('track2'); }, false);
     if(track == 'track2'){
      snd.addEventListener('ended', function() { music('track3'); }, false);
     if(track == 'track3'){
      snd.addEventListener('ended', function() { music('track4'); }, false);
     if(track == 'track4'){
      snd.addEventListener('ended', function() { music('track5'); }, false);
     if(track == 'track5'){
      snd.addEventListener('ended', function() { music('track1'); }, false);
   else { }



Usage example




Some usage examples that can be programmed with a bit of javascript to a slider to change volume or tied to a onclick event


snd.volume="1.0"; // Maximum
snd.volume="0.1"; // Pretty low
snd.muted = true; // Mute
snd.pause();  // Pause music
snd.play(); // Play music 



Wont be available when my new game is released.


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