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Help needed!


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hi i own a game called Fangs of blood


we have around 400 members in 2 months which is good, ive used adtoll, google adwords. and other stuff

they seem to work but make your money go down quicklly]

so if you read this remember to sign up and message

count [2]

and send him the message MCCodes

and i'll send you $25,000 on the game

and if anyone knows any free or cheap advertising sites please comment below!!!

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2 c

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/gorard/public_html/fangs-of-blood/register.php:1) in /home/gorard/public_html/fangs-of-blood/register.php on line 48

Everything is mccodes with a different colour.

Ive just signed up to your game. Its disgusting. Id rather play mccodes v2 demo than that.

Also, you have been spamming other games as many have discussed.

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I agree. This game is just a joke, I find it surprising you even have any members. I'd find a default MCCodes V1 more satisfying. I'd hate if ColdBlooded or Debomstew had to see this. No story, no plot, nothing desirable nor isit even creative in any aspect at all.

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You know whats funny. How any of you have friends with that attitude. Im just sharing my game.

And another thing. I dknt see any of you ownibg games. So you can go piss off

It seems to me count is very stupid and im not just calling him that because of his game is beyond basic.

But this is "Makewebgames" i'm not sure if your blind or anything but i'm sure 2/3 of this forum owns a game if don't they're probly having fun with PHP which you should of did before you made a thread with your crappy game. But i'm in a good attitude today thank you for caring.

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Look im 13. Im young. Not the best at coding. And the message got cut off.

It meant to say. Will you donate as we are trying to get patch up for the game. And the money doesnt even go to me.

I am not pissed at you for this review. Though a little harsh.

You made real points and in the future maybe we can fix all of them

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