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Has anyone worked on a way for a player to add something to a location?

I was thinking of an old game I saw once. I think it was called Universe. This was were a player could add items and location at some point that they controlled like a game moderator.

Thus there was Location1: Any player can make 1 location linked to it.

SOOO, I create a location, 2-Gmoore's Play Area. In this location and on, I create a universe of planets and starships. Locations 3-4477

Later, Kyle, bored fixing something, creates 5000-Kyle's World of Fun. In this location and all those things he connects to it, he creates a medival world of fan fair and silliness. Locations 5000-5782

This would be like creating your own game. Items are not transferable perhaps, or they are converted.

Just for fun, if anyone remembers this system.


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Well. Create their own 'sub' area. I was thinking about this to create a ... dungeon or perhaps star system. Under that 'place' they can be creative. But other places, perhaps not.

I really want players to be able to affect a location more. Have their own mark upon it. In a Crime game, perhaps, they could have their own places.

I just don't think the Game Master of the game should create everthing. Let's the player have a better stake in things.


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There is a couple of issues with player owned areas. From my own experience with NEaB I learned that:

- Players will try to cheat, so for example, put low prices to grab things nearly for free

- Content may risk to be very repetitive as they will simply do always the same things specially if you can't really do much as player

- Broken content, as player don't finish well their things.

- Typo, bad texts, foreign language or whatever

- Copyrighted picture (if you allow picture upload)

So hoping that your players will actually put content in your game... it's possible but will not be totally be free. You will have to have some sort of review. Also I don't know exactly what you will allow to do, as otherwise everyone will have just the same features in their area, maybe just with a different text.

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