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Looking for a game to invest my time/money in.


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I'm currently on the lookout for a game to purchase.

My budget is around $500.

I am looking for a game with a fair amount of activity, not expecting anything spectacular, but at least 50 users online per 24 hours would be nice.

Nothing with porn.

Nothing that has a terribly inflated economy and if you milked it for donator packs with sale after sale I'm not interested there either.

Just a quality game that needs some tlc and some new ideas.

Message me if you want to make a deal!

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Hes game is ****

Its now likely people will join it

I would normally excuse spelling mistakes. You typed only two lines and made 2 mistakes which change the meaning completely.

His game is ****. its now likely people will join it. ***

now should be not.

Confusing, use google translator to translate to English.

And, how can you possibly say someone's game is ****. when first you don't know his game second. your one is ****. different size fonts bad choice of design,layout. No money spent on it.

Spend money and expect a massive improvement.

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@Arson, I would be more than happy to program you a working game of your choice within reason for $500. I could guarantee a 2 week turnaround with secure code and administrator functions. For this amount of $500 I could offer you the general framework including a working example and would provide cpanel hosting / full support after completion for up to 1 month. I would also provide you proof of completion through the games website / admin panel before payment. Feel free to message me some details on the type of game you want and I would be more than happy to assist in a project for you.

Note: If you need to use a framework such as McCodes you will need to provide a legal licensed copy and I can not guarantee the already programmed functions of the previous developers. Thanks and have a good one.

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