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Manage Clan Members

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So this morning I decided to whip up another clan module to let a clan master manage their clan members.

So a few of the things it does in a nutshell is:

1. Clan masters can kick a clan member out of the clan.

a. When this happens it sends a message to the player telling them, well, basically they got the boot.

2. A clan master may promote or demote a given clan member.

a. When a clan master promotes a clan member it will also send a message congratulating them on working their way to the top.

b. When a clan master demotes a member it will also send them a message basically saying you suck and need to step it up.

Please note that the messages im showing are not verbatim they are put a little nicer but feel free to change your messages to whatever you wish since it is your module.

This also uses my clan events as well *plug* but if you dont have it thats alright it wont kill the script.

Thank you for reading and enjoy when it gets released

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Ehh, I think it was my easiest one lol. Also since we are on topic of clan members last I checked and I was talking to illusions he brought up the fact that when someone applies to a clan he is set as a requester for basically ever. Now what happens if a clan master no longer plays? I was thinking maybe after a 48 hour time limit they are no longer a requester?

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