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The old forums are back online


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I sent out a Mass Email to all those who were part of it: I've brought back the old forums (it was ezrpgproject.com forums, then ezrpg.uaktech.net, now http://www.ezrpgproject.tk) Booher has discussed an interest in restarting development again, I too have an interest in a comeback. While I don't want to spoil booher's secret ideas, I'll be patient for him to make his Real-Life transitions and discuss them when he's ready. That being said, I will share my ideas in the coming days and have brought the forums back online. While I understand Booher's idea in using MWG and it is great to share with the community, I also like having a more centralized and specific community. So I brought the forums back, starting a clean up process now, and am writing out the code and road-map for a number of ideas for the community to hear out and discuss. For sake of camaraderie, I'll also re-post any major announcements here for anyone that would rather stay here. I do have plans for both Zeggy's pre-1.0 and the 1.0 that are already posted, and plans for future forks/development of a 2.0 that booher and I are still hashing out on paper.

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Nice initiative! I like this. Get a real domain and perhaps a theme on the forums!

I'm working on a theme, but really as for the url, it's quite find as is. ezRPGProject.com is still hemd up and really, the forums survived just fine as a subdomain for my old blog lol. I think ezrpgproject.tk will be fine for now as we regain momentum lol.

But thanks for your feedback!

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