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Advanced referral System

Sam Fisher

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Hi guys!

I have made an Advanced Referral System For McCodes V2.

It is an advanced version of the referral system.The referrer will be rewarded when they refer someone to the game and every 10 levels gained by the referred player, the referrer will be rewarded with better rewards that can be set by the admin in the staff panel.

This mod is free and if anyone have problem installing can PM me and ask me for help.

I am sorry if this mod have any Bugs.If you find any bug than directly PM me stating the bug.

Sorry for the problems you guys faced when i uploaded it on a filesharing site but now you can find this mod in McCodes.com in the free mods section of Mccode v2 here is the link:http://mccodes.com/viewmod.php?id=108

-Sam Fisher

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I think i know you:D.... oh well, anyways, uhh there's already a mod like this... although it isnt free i would rather not have to download something so i wont be looking to see if there are any similarities i would advise posting it all in code tags this way i dont gotta download also you would get better bug support ;)

p.s. Use Code Tags :D

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