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Setting config values


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I have a question and hopefully one of you smart guys can point me in the right direction.

I am trying to set a config value like SetConfigValue("my_config_value",$my_update_var);

But its not working. I am using the same exact script on Xampp and it works fine there but on a live site it doesnt.

During the cron I use the same exact thing to set the config value and it works there but not in the actual script so I am a little confused there

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Yeah, the GetConfig works like a charm, the SetConfig doesnt work inside the content.php just in the daily_cron.php. Im trying to work out a work around for it but its not working just right.

What im trying to do for a work around is doing a hard update into the db as an alternative but still keeping the default functions of NWE but my math is a little off with the query

if anyone wants to look at it let me know and i can attach it here just know that its still in beta mode

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Well, odd it doesn't work. Make sure you use

SetConfigValue("configKey", $value, "moduleName");

and not

SetConfigValue("configKey", $value);

Beside that, I wonder why it doesn't work for you. You should put some debug texts inside the SetConfigValue function and see what modules it tries to write on etc...

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